William Ghiselin, Philadelphia c 1740

American Spoon

William Ghiselin, Philadelphia c 1740, American Coffin Shape Silver Serving Spoon

Very Rare Mid 18th Century American coin silver coffin serving spoon, maker William Ghiselin, Philadelphia, the coffin end with an engraved monogram, 23cm long, 55 grams
• There is a William Ghiselin Spoon of Philadelphia in the WINTHERTHUR Museum.
• A porringer was sold by Sotheby’s.
Ensco – American Silversmiths & their Marks records..
William Ghiselin 1731
Philadelphia, Pa. Son of Nicholas and grandson of Caesar Ghiselin. Advertised in Penna. Gazette, November, 1731. “Goldsmith, is removed from his late dwelling house in Second Street . . . to the house a little below the Church, in second St. where he continues Business as usual.”